top 5 sleepers for this years march madness.

1. Gonzaga.


who are we kidding.

eveyone thinks they aren’t a sleeper.

but because everyone thinks they are not a sleeper….

they are!

circular logic ftw.

2. Georgetown

hey hey hey now.

the NIT is in march too.

words cut so deep.

3. louisville

i’m jumpin on the bandwagon now.

they wreck shop so hard.

love the rick pitino 96 feet of pressure.

also love the big east.

also love the concept of a point forward.

terrence williams.

4. memphis

lotsa people are counting them out.

sure they play in the cupcake conference USA.

but keep in mind that SMU is in conf. USA.


also tyreke evans was born to play point.

hes like a buffer, cockier derrick rose.

do you remember derrick rose?

yeah he was the only one that actually made FTs last yurr for Memphis.

oh him and CDR.

5. washington

coming from the underrated pac10 i give them the benefit of the doubt.

sure oregon and oregon st suck.

but cal, UCLA, stanford, zona and zona st. are legit.


i like the way they play.


The internet could live without this picture.
The internet could live without this picture.

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