T.O., don’t go, c’mon bro, buff-a-lo

NOTE: the title was supposed to be like a rhyme.


t.o. is gone.

i don’t miss him as a c-boy but hey really…


kiss your career goodbye.

marshawn is out of his mind which doesn’t bode well for your career.

just go back to doing situps in your driveway.

more people would come watch.


is 6.5 even good for a player like t.o.?

is it t.o.? or t.o? or to?

its things like this that keep me awake at night.

i honestly have no idea.


t.o., my dawg, buff-a-lo is so cold.

mistake of your life.

its like colder than…. so not in the mood for a random analogy.

oh well.

colder than lil jon’s ice?

colder than a witches teet or a Glasgow winter? (Simpsons reference ftw.)

colder than that last ice cube in your lemonade on a breezy summer day, with the sun right over head as you think “these are the days”? (extended metaphor ftw.)

colder than Albany? (another city in New York ftw.)


its colddddddd.

for ever d, it just got 20 degrees colder in buff-a-lo!

use your imagination babe.

I guess buffalo can make a playoff push.

if theyre like really lucky and tom brady gets injured and the other pats backup doesn’t matt-cassel the bills.

yes, “matt-cassel” is a good thing.

its also a verb.


This was such an obvious analogy. Sorry, everyone. EVERYONE.
This was such an obvious analogy. Sorry, everyone. EVERYONE.

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