stephon marbury is a boston celtic.

this is like a birthday present.

or at least it should be.

but no.

it actually isnt

as much as i love starbury

i hate the celtics.

the patriots of the nba.

the patriots may as well call themselves the parrots.

and the celtics can call themselves the tools.

they took defense wins championships to a new, more-tool-tastic level.

their style of play upsets me the most.

so boring.

they are the spurs with slightly better shooting.

i hate the spurs too.

it seems cliche but the teams that run and that are young are not only the most compelling but also the most fun.

no one wants to see a team wear down another team.

they want in your face, run n gun, ballin out the gym stuff.

if you are a fan of the celtics its a catch-22.

you like that your team wins.

but you hate that they are boring and rajon rondo can’t buy a jumper.

and dont act like thats not true.

point guard are supposed to scores points in my personal opinion.

thats why starbury is god in my school of thought.

he will run the point and yet pull up or drive like 95% of the time.

he’s all about himself.

he does not fit the celtics.

KG is unselfish. ray allen is just flat-out, straight up old. the other big three guy got stabbed alot so he has to suck.

their glue guys all suck.

except sam cassell.

Who could hate this? Not even an angel.
Who could hate this? Not even an angel.

also note the matrix in a PHX jerz.

also PHX is phoenix and jerz is jersey.


One thought on “starbury

  1. Don’t hate tha playa. Hate the game. Your jealousy is ugly. Celtics, Bruins, pats and sox own. 6 championships in 6 years. Unmatched. No other city can carry Bostons luggage. Marburg:celtics=Moss:patriots

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