i’m pro-steroid!


i like cheating.

i like to think roger clemens says “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”

roger clemens was framed.

aroid was not.

its not the fact that aroid cheated that i don’t like.

its the fact that he won’t

a. admit it


c. at least, get a better excuse.

apparently in our culture when you are 27 you are very young.

last time i checked YOU AREN’t

now you may be saying “wow good point, you have such a way with words, great blog bro”

well to that i say thank you. and i don’t appriciate your sarcasm.

why do i like steroids though?

i like competition.

and because steroid are outlawed, that’s not competition.

thats one naive young mariner/ranger/yankee who happens to go to somewhere in latin america and inject himself randomly in a shanty.


if everyone could use steroids we would have totally ballin sports leagues.

averages joes like you could play pretty well.

i assume….

but no.

baseball has to be all “woah man i have a bad haircut and i hate cheating”

and by baseball i mean bud selig.

"I hate fun!!!!!"
"I hate fun!!!!!"

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