arod is the worst person in the world.

NOTE: this post assumes you are both familiar with arod and have seen the press conference. (although i will be paraphrasing)

Arod is the worst person in the world.


i will never call him that.


in this press conference, you saw it right?

any way in this press conference aroid says like he’s innocent or he was young and naive.

that is ridiculous.

there are numerous people in their early twenties that are professionally playing baseball that are also under stress.

“i felt pressure to compete”

from tom hicks?

did arod ever meet tom hicks?

yeah pressure from TOM HICKS? what?



i say anyway an unecessary amount of times…


arod sucks so much.

sure he had his best seasons “with Seattle and then with the yankees in 07, a half a year ago, 2 years ago.”

that is so close to a direct quote i’m gonna throw the “” on.

and i know what you are thinking.

arod made the mistake of calling 07 a half a year ago before correcting himself and saying 2 years.

is that splitting hairs?



arod’s argument that using steroids is excusable when you are young and under pressure strikes me as ridiculous.


arod said “we probably didn’t even do it right, it was just my cousin and i in a room injecting something somewhere”

“i didn’t even know what it was”

on what occassion, EVER, does someone inject themselves with an unknown substance?!

the correct answer should be never.

but no.

arod redefines being an idiot.

he decided that too much pressure as an athlete means you have to do something against the rules.

if i was in this news conference (and don’t think i didn’t ask to be. i sent millions of letters.) i would have shouted expletives and then left.

the real question now is would such an outburst from me have been bigger news?


dude seriously arod, i assume you are reading this, “the truth will set you free.”

i got that from a double shot at love. trevor, my favorite character from that genius show.

that’s not the first time MTV has saved a life…

good times.


also, although this post may paint me as a hugeeee anti-steroid guy, i am actually pro-steroids.

i’ll explain tomorrow.

gotta keep ya wanting more.


like? dislike? love? comment.

the first thing that comes up on google images when you search "aroid"
the first thing that comes up on google images when you search "aroid"

2 thoughts on “arod is the worst person in the world.

  1. Don’t blame A-Rod.
    If you do not cheat on tests (A-rod).
    And 10 other people in class cheat on a test (McGuire, Canseco, Bonds, Clemens).
    And the teacher knows they are cheating (Coaches).
    And the principal knows they are cheating (SELIG).
    And most of the community outside the school knows they are cheating (The Fans).
    And the other 9 other people know they are cheating (Teammates like A-Rod).
    And there are never any BAD consequences (Suspensions, fines, murderous roid-rages).
    There are only GOOD consequences like cheaters getting good grades (70 HR seasons and Record Breaking attendence and salaries)
    Would it be easy to justify becoming a cheater?

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