on a similar tangent….

the okc thunder will be good in the next 5 years.

the team they have now just got legit.

the trade for jackie-tyson chan-dler makes them like a NOYZ team.

they now have a legit low post threat.

and KD is killin the game, like even at G-E-I-C-O!

jeff green pwns.

i like this team alot.

that must hurt seattle people.

sorry your town sucks?

oh well. go sing in the rain or do something stupid.

that’s what seattle people do right?

although i have never been to seattle, i judge quickly.


the only way this team could be bad is either

A. a crippling injury to either Kevin (Love) Durant or a combination injury of both Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green.

And by injury i mean like crippling and destroying life like never playing again.

and by combination injury i mean russell and jeff get injured for being too awesome or possibly something that might actually happen.


B. They botch up their current reservoir of draft picks.

I’m talkin Darko or Danillo Gallarni bad.

possibly Kwame.

but really other than that, look out western conference.

here comes some thunder!!!!

i don’t like that one. sorry.

mike-tyson chandler?

too busy being awesome!!!
too busy being awesome!!!

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