Who will win what. [WWWW]

Confused about what to do on valentine’s day? Wondering who will win what in the NBA All-Star festivities?

No longer!

YEAH ITS WWWW [who will win what]



So im planning on just going through each competish this all star weekend.


Shooting Stars:

Are the Pistons in this? I’ll give it to them cuz i cant name another team. San Antonio, there it is.




I ❤ this concept. But really guys, GUYS…. G-E-I-C-o?!

I’ll take Joe Johnson to win. OJ Mayo to take 2nd. and Kevin Love outta nowhere for 3rd. Sorry KDurant.

Although i love KDurant’s tshirt jersey. Probably my favorite.

3-Point Contest:

Normally I would take Kapono with 3 consecutive rounds of 35-35.

You may be asking, “Hey there’s only 30 shots in a round, right?”

I’ll answer. Anyone who makes 30 for 30 gets one extra, untimed rack. YEAH.

So it may have never actually happened but a girl can dream right? [p.s. i’m not a girl, i’m talking about you]

But i’m going out on a limb here.

Not Roger Mason or Bibby.

Not Daequan. Unless he starts calling himself d-queezy. [pronounced dee-queasy]

Maybe Rashard although without Jameer in the lineup, I don’t know if he can handle it. [yes i know that this is an individual competish, but Jameer would play a big role.]

Yeah i’m going with the blue-and-yellow power dgranger.

I mean cmon i copped his tshirt jersey too.

He like pwns nooobs in a big way. In the best wayyyyy yaDig?

Skills Competition:

NOT DEVIN HARRIS. he’s gonna spend too much time being a tool.

Don’t act like you werent thinking that, i just had the nerve to say it. 😉


Not tony parker cuz he sucks. Not derrick rose cuz he doesnt have the all important exp points.

So i guess ex-Smart-Guy star, MOOOOOO WILLLLIIIAAAAMMMMSSSS. [there was a character on smart guy named mo, cut me some slack]

Dunk Contest:

Automatically eliminate anyone who’s won this before.

Peace out to Dwigt Howard [Dwigt is an Office reference, hope ya caught it]

and Nate Robinson. The new spud webb turned into the new brandon webb, he’s a sinker. [brandon webb throws a sinker, fyi]

HAHAHAHA. Who-Shot-J.R. Smith is in this? wow.

good work nba.

I’m taking Joe Alexander and Russell Westbrook in an impromptu, unplanned slam dunk contest. Not rudy fernandez.

[JAlexander and RWestbrook are not in this competition, all the other options just suck.]

So yeah. That’s me.

Yeah. Imagine this in the contest. I KNOW, I'M UPSET TOO.
Russell. Yeah. Imagine this in the contest. I KNOW, I'M UPSET TOO.

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