NBA Mock Draft 2009 v.1

NOTE: The order is courtesy of but NONE of the opinions are.

The opinions are mine.

1. Sacramento-

Brandon Jennings [Italy]

On the condition that he a) regrows the amazing hightop fade. and b) that’s actually it…

2. Washington-

Vyacheslav Kravtsov [Ukraine]

Washington wants to legitmize themselves as title contenders. No better way than to add a guy with an unpronouncable name to feed Hibachi the rock.

3. LA Clip-daddies-

DaJuan Summers/Greg Monroe [G’town/G’town]

LAC needs something. So they want 2 somethings. Makes sense to me…

4. OKC Thunder-

Blizzy Blake Griffin.

Although this nickname is already taken (kinda, if the kid ever shows up) Blake Griffin would make the Thunda a legit contender right quick.

5. Memphis-

Ricky Rubio

If his contract is bought out, he is on the first plane to Memphis. He’s gonna hate the United States cuz of this….

Have I used this picture before?
Have I used this picture before?

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