kobe or lebron?

NOTE: at this point, i am going to ignore both voshon leonard and jason kapono for the sake of this argument.


I’m youre average american.

But i’m different. I do not worship Kobe.

Respect him? Shure.

I guess.


Why, you ask?

Kobe is mad weak.

He can drain j’s like nobody’s business.

but serious brah.

LeBrawn all day babe.

Yeah i call him LeBrawn.

but he’s also LeBrain.


he pwns NOOBS like a mad beast.

NOOBS I SAY!~!!!!!

Although Kobe could beat me in 1 on 1, well actually alot of people could.

Except Walter Herrmann.

yeah i said it.

I believe that LeBron could spot me 20 points in a game to 21 and still beat me. (not make it, take it bt-dubz)

I would beat Kobe if he spotted me 20. 19? no. but 20? yeahhh.

Also lebrwain or whatevz i called him is much more cut and athletically gifted.

Straight up, LeBeast produces in every category.

Including bad-last-second fouls!!!! OUCHHHHH.

Big ups to the power dgranger.


Also chris paul is the kinda guy you build a team around.

Mosdeff my absofave player.

So beastly.

Organized chaos on a bun.

Mall rats on a stick.


I h8 D-Wade 2. LOL!
I h8 D-Wade 2. LOL!

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