A-Rod is a cheater.

A dirty rotten apple cheater.

And frankly this blog is never below scapegoating a n00b.


If he hadn’t cheated, the Rangers would have AT LEAST 5 rings.


there have been like 7 years since he 1st cheated. I blame him for not only crippling the rangers payroll but also for being an idiot.

Being an idiot + being paid wayYy too much = rangers failure

Not trading prospects.

Not playing badly.

Not poor management.

Not not signing CC Sabathia.

but instead A-Rod.

What a tool.

To make matters worse he is a yankee now.

how horrible are the yankees.

dynasty? not.

Except Xavier Nady, the yankees are more worthless than a million dollar bill.

LOL at that simile for a sec.


You know who else sucks?

Lenny Kravitz.

I'll let this image sink in.
I'll let this image sink in.

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