h-o-r-s-e? g-e-i-c-o? y-o-u-s-u-c-k-N-B-A?

word on the street is that the HORSE competish at the NBA all star game will be renamed GEICO for sponsorship purposes.

talk about stupid.


I mean this is such a coolio idea, frankly i am disappointed.

yet again, I am disappointed.

also about the Dunk Contest.


Russell Westbrook deserved to be in this.


He had a mad sick dunk on d-rose that should have guaranteed him  a spot.

although rudy is pretty sexXxy.

also about the 3-point contest.

Jason Kapono should win.

But only because Voshon Leonard is no longer in it cuz he already dominated once before.

I miss you voshon.

Rest in piece.

Wetter than the Atlantic.
Wetter than the Atlantic.

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