go back to Russia. now.

AK47 is worse than manu.


Sure this happened a few days ago.

but this is unacceptable and preposterous.

this is disgusting.

you know, now that i think about it… AK47 ought to sign with the spurs.

he would fit right in with their cheapshot, pseudo-highbrow clustergarbage.

the spurs are “boring-damental” nothing fun about it.

the spurs are the perrienial playoff contenders. or they used to be.

they now scrape the bottom of the barrel in hopes of finding some flagrant ridiculous excuse of an athlete.

tdiddy is weak. manu is the 6th man for some annoying poppvitch idiot move.

what the hell…

jacque vaughn? how does he still have a job, any kind of job, not just nba.

kurt thomas? really?

michael findogging it finley? good lord. he was a high jumper, a dunker, in college. now hes a spot up 3pt shooter? good lord indeed.

bruce bowen is the epitome of the spurs. dirty to anyone ever EXCEPT a spurs fan.

are we non-spurs fans jealous? do we wish he was on our team?


he is an old, “i-can-only-make-3’s-from-the-corner” tool.

bring it on spurs fans.


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