the LAW of under jersey tshirts.


so i have a theory…

well its been all but proven.

the number of players on a team wearing tshirts DIRECTLY correlates to wins and how well a team does in march.


if anyone cared about the NBA then maybe it would apply…

reggie is enough proof.

i mean tell me this isnt true!

(hint: you cant.)

sure this sounds ridiculous, but its not.

name any team in the past forever and this WILL be true.

trust me.

have i lied to you before?

cmon dawg. im honest.

a note about the picture:

reggie (wearing tshirt) miller went on to score 55 points in the game in which this picture was taken.

on that particular play he drove in and dunked AND POSTERIZED his non-tshirt wearing foe.

im the only one that actually knows that.

dont ask questions.


p.s. FS!

p.s.s. beefs post on no dreads is so wrong. weezy disproves it.


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