gerald laird

i miss you.

somehow people can say…

“Tigers are getting a solid catcher. He isn’t great. He isn’t flashy, but solid. He has a good strong arm. The Tigers could have done a lot worse. As for the Rangers I thought they wanted major league ready arms for any deal involving their catchers. Daniels, not sure what you’re doing here. A 25 year old kid who split between A and AA last year doesn’t sound anywhere near major league ready. And a 17 year old?” -something some guy on said. yeah.

dont read it.

ill summarize.

the tigers got a good player.

the rangers suck.


the rangers are the team of the future. TODAY!

these are my kinda players that the rangers are gettin.

i love pitchers.

one thing about them though, they better just run wind sprints in practice.

i want my pitchers to beat me in a footrace.

yeah sure thats not “hard” or im “very slow” but cmon brah.

i love(d) gerald.

now that hes a tiger, i hate the tigers.

because they stole the most awesome player ever.


who do they think they are.

curtis granderson is cool though..



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