oj da juiceman

Oj simpson got sentenced today.

frankly i think it was a little overdramatic.

OJ was pissed for a legit reason.

i think the sentence was really make up for when he killed those people.

heisman trophy winners should not kill their wives.

maybe thats why rae carruth didnt win the heisman.

or actually that was just a girlfriend.. a pregnant girlfriend.

anyway maybe you shouldnt win the heisman if you have ever commited a felony.

yeah thats it.

thats why Jayson Williams didnt win one.

yeah wrong sport, but hey he killed his limo driver.

this is not that funny.

sorry yall.

im actually kinda making an argument..


more sports news.

sean avery was suspeneded.

thats so lame.

he was suspended for saying some dude is gettin with his ex-bitty.

what the hell gary?

is gary bettmann the nhl commish? i think so.

anywhat, the commish really dropped the ball on this one.

sean avery is a bad ass.

let it slide you baby.

on another note, i still hate:

Pacman Jones.

Three Doors Down.

Adding -ism, or -gate to anything ever, unless its an actual word as opposed to kitsch drivel.

OJ Simpson.

OJ da Juiceman. GO to culinary arts school somewhere else. hopefully its actual rap school dammit.

if you dont know who or what these things are, i reccoment google.com.

moving on.

i love:

KJ Choi

Sean Taylor

i like:


that is all.

I Love You.
I Love You.

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