the new rule of thirds.

anything that is a third or the third is awesome.

robert griffin the third.

marion barber the third.

shrek the third.

the third star wars, even if i didnt see it. it HAS to be good, right?

THIRD EYE BLIND for godsake.

i accidently did that by hotkey..

not sure how..


the THIRD carter… weezy holla at me.

the THIRD dedication.

da THIRD drought.

i dare america to prove me wrong…


the THIRD 6 mafia!

the THIRD mixtape messiah.

the THIRD-peat!

you may think im just replacing 3 with third.

i am not.

3 and 3rd are interchangeable anyway.

the THIRD hour in the morning is when stuff happens yall.

young jeezy taught me that, 3AM good song, cop it.

the Third Door Down. they are a good band.


so yeah, new RULE OF THIRDS.



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