the big twelve mess.

sure i could call it “the dirty dozen.”

but i am not an idiot.

big twelve mess is straightforward.

and thats me in a nutshell.


i will make a case for Texas. OU. Tech. Nebraska. All 4.


Texas has the whole “we won over OU and lost to Tech.”

I hate texas really. But the computers dont.

Frankly if texas goes to the BCS, they BETTER have won the bXII championship GAME. or else.

If they win the whole thing, the computers will have won. and then we will have to deal with a robot uprising.

think about that for like 10 seconds.

yeah. its gonnna be baddddd.

I give them 10:1 odds at running the gauntlet and winning the whole thing.
I give them 1:4 odds at winning the bXII.


I think they are the more palatable option for the national champs.

The human voters agree.

But really they PWNd tech. Frankly they should have tried to score 100 on them. How cool would that have been?! VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.


OU will go to the national title barring an upset by Missouri/OSU and a Texas loss.

But i swear if they back their way into the national title, heads will roll.

Don’t try me.


I mean Texas Tech. Not Louisiana Tech. Never Louisiana Tech.

Aside from my love affair with Michael Crabtree (4HEISMAN!) they have no shot.

They need an OU AND texas loss like wilford brimley needs his diabeetus medicine.


I love how mike leach makes next to no sense in his press conferences though.

If tech went to the National Title game, the humans and robots would have some sort of co-uprising.



They better win against Colorado.

If they do and Missouri somehow loses two more times, once to Colorado, THEN nebraska has a shot.


That is not possible anyway.

But really imagine Joe Ganz ripping the collective bXII south’s defense all up and down the field.

souunds awesome to me.

Blackshirts would run red with the blood of the bXII south.


Don't Let This Happen.
Don't Let This Happen.

One thought on “the big twelve mess.

  1. Texas will go to natl championship. they better. they dont need to go to big XII champ to go. congrats to tech, they beat us on the last play, but we beat OU at a NEUTRAL site. if we played tech at a neutral site, think of the difference. same with that OU tech game last week.

    think about it

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