Possibly the best thing since Jason kapono.

scratch that.

Best thing since slava medvedenko?

Think about, for 3 special reasons.

1: Free

2: original, occasionly singles, and songs that you dont feel like downloading on somone album

3: 98 percent of them are remixes, who doesn’t love a remix

so far yadigg?

Ok now to my biggest point of all

Later this year, there is going to be a special release from the Heir of the Tito’s. Who dat be? you may be asking.

Matt johnson, of course.

All the details so far are the remixes to:

Make It Rain: Make it Hail

A MIllie: the premix(think about it)

A MIllie: (everyone else is doing it, so why not?)

Bust it baby pt_: who knows by then

I Put on: I Put off

It will be featuring, T-Pain, lil boosie, and anyone else

except weezy(tito would destroy weezy)

Thats the only confirmed track list so far, but the cover art is as of now, being released.



Producted by Beef
Producted by Beef

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