J-Kidd to China.

Jason Kidd is oficially my favorite maverick.

He never really will be.

But officially he is.

Anywho wanna know why?

No? I guess i’ll tell you anyway.

Jason Kidd left Nike, to sign with some worthless Shane Battier-signing company in CHINA.

He says it’s cuz “He didnt really say”

But I know why.

Because of the Nike Conspiracy.

Which one you say?

The Basketball one.

Not the track one to come.


Oh and if you wanna know which company Jason Kidd signed with this is their website.

Damn no link. Stupid China.


It’s called peak. Shane Battier signed with them. So did J-Kidd. What else do you even want?!

No Peak-ing. Good lord. That was awful.
No Peak-ing. Good lord. That was awful. Also those are battier's kicks. Horrible i know. Sorry duke. I hate you.



Read that if you wanna know more.

Or if you wanna know what its like to hear broken english-translated chinese. HOORAY!


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