OKC Thunder Preview

Have they announced the team name yet?

Oh well i know anyway.


I thought so.


Let’s preview their season.

Starting PG: Earl Watson is literally the only PG listed on their roster. So I guess i have no choice.

WRONG I NEVER BACK DOWN. Answer: Start two SGs yall!

Real Starting PG: Russell Westbrook. Just so he can injure himself for going to UCLA in the first game. Tool. Bruin tool.

Starting SG: Damien Wilkins. Dominiques kid. I assume. So he must be good right? WHRONG. Dominique was at best a mediocre player and an amazing dunker. So an all-around baller. So Damien must be GREAT. right? wait are they related? no? yes? i dont honestly care.

Starting SF: Desmond Mason. ‘Nique and new-‘Nique. Wait no Shawn Kemps not on this team. sorry. scratch that. but still he led to bucks to some successful seasons. wait. no. the bucks suck. with or without bogut. always.

Starting PF: DJ White. Everyone thought he was a good college player. When i saw him i was unimpressed. I start him over Joe Smith. Why? Cuz Joe Smith was in NBA Live V3. ‘Nuff said. PART 2!

Starting C:They literally have 5 (5!) centers on their roster. None of which are good enough to ride the bench on the Bucks! is that nuts? yes and no. the bucks have bogut. who sucks. so cmon 0/5 on the centers? wow. instead i give Joe Smith the nod. Cuz maybe he might score. Just like he didnt against my NBA Street V3 team! WHUDDUP JOE SMITH.

Post-NBA Street V3 Game. Against me. Get PWN'd Joe Smith.
Post-NBA Street V3 Game. Against me. Get PWN'd Joe Smith.

Also please for the love of God let this article get out to the people before they announce the name.
I am ahead of the CURVE.

Had to put the post on ice which is why it is the 25th.

Not sure what day the internet will see this.


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