I Like Money

Anyone who actually knows me will think this is a dumb obvious article.

I enjoy the phrase “I like Money”


The VH1 show, I LIKE MONEY, is a show. I would include something about the shows plot but honestly no one really knows what its about. It is a stupid contrived show in an effort for people’s celebrity to last more than 15 seconds.


On the show some guy wore a shirt with the following picture:

I Like Money.
I Like Money.

The one on the right.

If you didnt know thats what i was reffering to you can leave.

Like seriously. Wow.

I get your hit on my blog and you stop reading because you dont know about my undying affection for Sean Taylor.

The Good Die Young.

big ups to mrirrelevant.com for the idea.

I wish my blog actually got as many hits as them.

But that is not the point of this.

Sean Taylor deserves the best.

The guy on the right knows how to give it to him.

The Good Die Young.

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