Dream Team Athletic Cobras

I know most of yall are thinking who are the Dream Team Athletic Cobras. Well the Dream Team Athletic Cobras are the best wiffleball team nobody has ever heard of. The roster consists of myself, Adam Weyand, Will Brito, Blaine Herrmann, Knox Holliday, Brad Ricker. Will and I are the pitchers. We have combined to athrow 28 no hitters and have only let up 3 runs in 346 innings. I have struck out a 4006 batters in my 2 year career and Will has struck out 3500 in his year and a half career. We are truly amazing. Knox Holliday and Blaine Herrmann are gold glove outfielders. This year Knox made 30 double plays and Blaine set a wiffleball record 57 double plays. Brad is a rookie and never got to play in the field but did bat last. He had a batting average of .316 and hit 14 hr. Those stats seem good but I batted .578 with 54 hr, Will batted 619 with 49 hr, Blaine batted .590 with 52 hr, and Knox Holliday batted .550 with 62 hr. We are the best team in the world. I dare any team to play us.


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