1. Duke Pettijohn: Ya I know he’s in the AFL and is not even considering taking his on field dominance to the NFL, but he is the most versatile player in the world. For those of you who don’t Duke Pettijohn he is huge and thinks he’s the shit. His overwhelming cockiness can take you to the championship alone. You cant got wrong drafting him.

2. Jake Tyler/Sean Ferris: All I have to say is NEVER BACK DOWN. For those of you that haven’t seen Never Back Down it wasn’t even the fourth quarter and he had FOURTEEN tackles!!!!!!! Jake’s nemisis Ryan McCarthy is quoted as saying “IF YOU WANNA BE THE BEST, YOU GOTTA TAKE OUT THE BEST.” Jake took out Ryan who was the best, whose he gunna take out next? Adrian Peterson? Randy Moss? LT? The fact of the matter is he’s gunna take them all out!!!!!!!!!!

3. Lil Wayne: Need I say more?

4. Any defense playing against Michael Crabtree: Michael Crabtree could quite possibly be the worst WR in the history of WR’s. He has no chance of making an impact in any game and could quite possibly be the most overrated player in all of sports.

5. Ricky Ross the Boss: He’s huge and can block anybody. He also has 4.376 speed in a 40 yard dash. The only defensive players he can’t truck stick are Jake Tyler and DUke Pettijohn. He is a guarantee 1500 yard rushing FB.

6. Coco Crisp: Yes I know he is a baseball player but his fighting background makes him tough enough to hold his own in the NFL. He has the speed and agility to play WR, CB, or KR/PR. He is the by far the biggest sleeper in the draft.

7. Creepa: Yes Creepa is a “G” but thats what makes him such a good pick this late. His intimidating personality and hata blockers can cause any team to forfiet before the game begins.

8. Joey from Real World Hollywood: Joey did have past drug abuse but so did Josh Hamilton and we all know how well he’s doing. Joey will become the Josh Hamilton of football. He’s probably the most versatile player in the draft because of his size, speed, and overall cool.

9. Draft me, Adam. I can guarantee you more points that Beef!



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