My favorite states starting/ending with a vowel.

In no particular order:

2./3. Indiana. It has been listed in both spots on the blog. Whoops. Two rankings. One for Hoosiers. One for The other team.

5. Ohio. Rock ‘N Roll and Drew Carey? wow. amazing.

6. Alaska. Bigger than texas. Ice Fishing is way worse than everything though. Put that on my list of things I hate. Ice Fishing. What does that do for ya? Makes ya appriciate heat, I tell ya. Does my usage of YA piss you off. Imagine if you were in Alaska right now. Take that in.

1. Arizona (John McCain is the Old-Talk Express. Nothing against old people. Vote Barack Obama.)

4. Alabama. Roll tide? Wait is alabama on a coast? Huh learn something new everyday.

7. Iowa/Idaho. How do this many states start AND end with a vowel? Whats up with that founding fathers? I know your dead but CMONNNNN.

8. Oklahoma. Stupid musical. A Good musical is Wicked. Watch it. Thank me later. I will only see it if they take all the suggestions I wrote when I filled out a comment card at the theater. “There was no comment card for this performance, sir. you clearly drew this out yourself. please put your shirt back on, sir”-My ass. Make a time machine or I will kill your ticket sales. DONT THINK I DONT HAVE ALOT OF ANGRY LOYAL READERS! nearly 40 of you. maybe? gosh i dont care that much. My thoughts are forever immortalized on the web. are yours? thats what I thought.


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