Fantasy Draft

This year for fantasy football, there are a couple sleeper picks that you may not be aware of.

1: Michael Crabtree: You may be asking “yes he is only the best player in college football, but he’s not in the pro’s yet.” and heres my answer, yes he is still in college, but he is better than any other wr in the NFl, think about. Even if you are not in a keeper league, draft him.

2: Michael Vick: No I am not going to say draft him for showing off, that you can have him and still win a chip, no thats not my point. This year the NFL is teaming up with prisons across the nation to broadcast pick-up prison football games, Vick is a must have since stats from these games during rec time will transfer to your fantasy team.

3: Steve Hutchinson: Think about it, all that blocking for AD(all day) he is bound to get plenty of points for getting his lead blocking on, think about.

4: Any defense who plays against Tony Romo sometime during the season: Think about it, if Jessica is there, then tony romo no homo is bound to slip up sometime during the season, major fantasy points.

5: All of the Houston Texans Rb: Start them all “why?” you ask because there is no definite starter right now so if you can get all 3 of them, and start them all then you bound to be raking in fantasy points.

6: T. Jackson: Think about, everyone knows he can’t throw, “so what is he gonna do that I need to draft him?” you may ask. Think about, he just gonna throw that HB screen to AD(all day) or chester the molester. Those are gonna be his only passes so, you cant go wrong, can you?

7: Any defense who plays the Packers: Think about it, rodgers blows, favre is getting old, ryan grant is a n00b, yes nearly 1,000 yds and 8tds in 10 games, but remember that Rb sophomore slump.

8: Manny Ramirez: He may drop out of the MLB and join the NFl right to the packers, it could happen.

9: Draft me, Beef. Why not, I guarantee more points than your kicker.



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