Favre For Manny

As my first post for this blog, I would like to comment on what seems to be a burning issue right now, Brett Favre.

Personally I believe that the trigger should of been pulled on the deal that would send manny to Green Bay and Favre to the red sox. Think about, packers get some one who has experience throwing the ball, manny did play in the outfield so he can throw those bombs down field and actually give the packers a change of winning a couple games. Packers also get some one who can entertain the media so everyone will forget how bad they will be without favre. But in return the sox are pretty much in title contention if they get favre. They get an outfielder who will actually make plays to the ball and when at bat is unstoppable, that is if a wild pitch doesn’t hit his knees, shins, elbows, shoulders, ankle, wrist, any of his fingers or toes. Also the sox get a player who the media can finally understand for a change, not speaking half English and half Spanish during a post-game interview. I think he(favre) would be a perfect fit for the DH if asked to do so he’ll play those odds, walking more than hitting. Let papi play the field for a while and lose a couple pounds, that couldn’t hurt anyone. Favre is redneck, everyone knows that, and what is more redneck than baseball? Think about it, stuffing your mouth with wads of gum/tobacco, only getting up 2 times in a single inning, talking to the folks in the dug out when your waiting to bat. I enjoy watching baseball as much as the next guy but facts are facts.

Just think about the possibilities.



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