Nike, I Love You

I am one to buy into conspiracies. See: other blog entry about conspiracies.

I also have one brand I will buy just because it is that brand: Nike.

Both combine to form a superteam. A superteam and the DREAM TEAM.

What, you may ask, am i reffering to?

First off, dont ask dumb questions. Whenever anyone says there are no dumb questions, I simply ask “what’s a dumb question?” Mind blown by that cosmic thought.


Good lord, long intro. ANYWHO,

The Dream Team team picture. The USA Olympic Basketball Team Picture.

Also people who are like the dream teams only that one time, or whenever. NOT THE CASE.

the dream team is team usa in an olympic year. idiot.

also DO NOT REFER TO THIS TEAM AS THE REDEEM TEAM. how much more cliche and contrived could that possibly be!?

okay really? still going oh well.

Dwight Howard is sponsored by adidas. the only such on the drama team. try that on for size.

but really he is the only adidas player. the rest are NIKE.

the picture is in height order right? so why does howard stand behind CHRIS BOSH, who are listed as the same height, although BOSH’S hair is clearly, CLEARLY taller.

why you ask? to cut adidas out of the olympic mind.

nike is genius.

so still, your thinking, cuz your smart, right, dwight howard is wearing adidas shoes and those MUST be showing in the pic. comma party!

NOPE, mike kryzetoolskiski is blocking them with his weak rod of a leg. thanks for being a tool, mike.

why is he even sitting? his weak legs couldnt support his fat torso? is this libel? whoops.

he does have quite the hairdo.

oh right heres the pic. thanks for listening. reading. paying some attention. money.

where's waldo?
where’s waldo? but really tayshaun prince made the team?
just conspiracy it.
just conspiracy it.

UPDATE:::Oh d-wade is uh converse. but he is a tool. so he does not count ever.


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