Tom Brady Takes Vow Of Chastity

Yeah right.

Excuse for this picture.

Yes but really I hate Tom Brady. 18-1 idiot. Maybe instead of faking an injury and having a perfect chin, he should actually practice football. Seriously. Then maybe I would like him.

Or if he didnt play for the pats..

lets go with BOTH.

If you like the pats and are not from Massachusetts [not “new england” as a whole, idiots] or were BORN on New England [not just Massachusetts this time] soil, then you CANNOT LIKE THEM.

And by born on soil, you know what i mean..

Also if anyone has a 19-0 Patriots t-shirt, give me that. or sell it to me for next to nothing.

I will mention you in a blog which about 7 people have read 100 times each.


where's HER chastity belt?
where’s HER chastity belt? wait what is a chastity belt?


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