Redsox Nation and the iPhone 3G and Madonna and Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) Brintney Spears

I hate it.

They suck.

Call us when you go another hundred years without having a tool on your team named Dustin Pedroia.

Kevin Youkilis sucks.

I hate the Redsox almost as much as I hate Dwayne Wade. [Tool time!]

Tear Fenway down and build another Harvard.

Tear Curt Shilling down and bring back Randy Johnson.

At least he has a sweet mullet aand  is like 10 feet tall.

Dustin Pedroia needs to hit puberty for me to come close to respecting him. [He is short.]

They are the reason why I dont watch the all-star game, in any sport.

If you want something that screams, SCREAMS, I am a tool, become a fan of the redsox.

If you want to be cliche to the MAX, become a fan of the redsox.

The only way they could possibly become worse, is if either

A. D-Wade or some celebrity i dont like joined.


B. They came up with a name that was a pun, or used a made-up word, or a pop-culture reference

and I cant think very well this morning so I am going to leave your imagination to come up with genius examples of new redsox nation names. well i can give it a shot…

madonna and a-rodsex nation. not sure what thats for or anything. hmm. forgive me whoever just read that.

but madonna and alex rodriguez. iPhone 3g.

shameless plugging to get more blog hits.

Britney Spears.

Dwayne Wade. Secret Redsox Fan? Hope not.
Dwayne Wade. Secret Redsox Fan? Hope not. For everyone's sake.

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