Movies Centered Around African-Americans which I enjoy.

ATL- Mechanicsville Georgia is not a real place. Yet T.I. makes me not care about that. He is the biggest oscar snub since Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins- I have not seen this movie. I like the idea. Also the preview/commercial is so funny, how could this movie be bad. On the negative side, it looks awful.

Tyler Perry- Gets his own section of this entry

Tyler Perry Section:

Why Did I Get Married?- Boy what a question? Too bad this movie is centered around a guy who meets this girl who am I kidding I never saw this movie. I like the idea, again.

Madea gets her own section

Madea’s Section: This must be a hilarious section

Madea goes to Jail: Not sure if this is a real movie. If not, your welcome for the idea, Tyler Perry.

Madea’s Family Reunion: Who the hell comes up with these ideas? [He must be a god.]

Madea Hangs Herself: Please make this one, Tyler Perry! [Otherwise I might have to hang you, not really just for the sake of saying it in this blog]

Diary of a Mad Black Woman: Do African-Americans prefer the word Black? This is information I need. Get Back to me, Tyler Perry. Because I assume he would know. Right? [Yes]

House Of Payne: For the love of all that is holy, TBS does not know funny! Is that false advertising? Yes. Can I sue them? I am a step ahead of you. [NO] But really this show is so good, I have never watched it.

The Basketball Section:

Madea Plays Basketball does not exist yet, otherwise the sections would intersect. HOW AWFUL WOULD THAT BE!

Crossover: How can a movie on this list possibly be ranked #18 on the list of the worst movies of all-time, according to IMDB. Sponsorship? I dont make any money so this would not make sense. But valiant effort? Let me know when I have a bad one…Sucka. OH JEWELZ, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN!

Like Mike 2: Okay so here’s where we get into a little overlap. More than likely you will see this in my upcoming entry about my favorite sequels… which is coming soon! Anywho, how can a movie starring Triple J and a white kid with blonde hair with cornrows possibly not make this list? The answer is that it IS on this list. So where did that question even come from? What are you talking about, Internet?

Bad News Ballers: Blockbuster has been out of this movie for like weeks! Probably so good some one stole it. THat’s illegal, and I assume your reading this right now, so do the right thing… Return it, then turn yourself in to the nearest Police Station. YOu know what to tell them. THis is not your first time, KId. I assume it stars an African-American cast. Racist? NO what kind of blog do you think this is. The picture that Blockbuster has of it features 5 black people standing on what I can only assume is a basketball court, due to the basketball hoops. You tell me whats racist, racist.

I would go into a Bernie Mac Section but then I realized that he is really bad and should never have had a career in anything.


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