My Review of Tha Carter III


The Track List already is fantastic. A little disappointed that “I Feel Like Dying” did not make the cut. I bet it was Birdman’s fault. He is Sallieri to Lil’ Wayne’s Mozart. Don’t get that HILARIOUS reference? Look up the movie Amadeus. That was tedious. Sorry you had to read that.

Tangent. Sorry.

The immedate success of 3Peat is immediate. It is really good. I would prefer if he didn’t bite I’m Me so much but the line about being the New Orleans Nightmare makes me tingle. Obvioiusly.

Mr. Carter would be better with only one Carter. Go ahead and guess which one shouldn’t be on the track. [JAY-Z]

I will skip Got Money and A Milli because they have been played into the ground. But I still will listen to them literally all day. Got money, and you know it. Take it out your pocket and show it. Then throw…


Uh Comfortable is an underrated jam. It is when you slow it down and want to listen to a good song. Which is always for me. Lil’ Wayne shows his vocal chops [none] on the third chorus. The Beyonce references are super. He needs to write more songs like this. Like for real. I like it alot.

Dr. Carter is dumb. End of story. Put some more “take this song off the CD” in my IV.

Good Morning Dr. Bad Song.

Phone Home is the weirdest song of his short of I Feel Like Dying but I like it. The chorus makes me want to put a bullet in the Stereo/Walkman but who are we kidding. I love cranking that weezy wii. I can’t wait for the Weezy version of the Nintendo Wii to come out. Gotta cop that.

If you like Robin Thicke, then dont listen to anything I say. If you want a slow jam, listen to Tie My Hands. This song offends my ears more than Playing With Fire. Robin Thicke can sing but I do NOT, DO NOT, understand why Lil’ Wayne has done MULTIPLE songs with this kid. Stop, for the love of music, stop. I work at the corner GET A NEW JOB ROBIN.

I feel Mrs. Officer. Its cool. The best line is at the end of the 1st verse, but is too explicit for a family oriented blog like this. “All I want to do is ‘F**k tha police'” Sorry mom! But really, does Bobby have to go WEE-OH-WEE every five seconds? WE GET IT. YOURE A SIREN! Chill Bobby. Go write a chorus that matches the damn song. It makes no sense. The chorus that is..

Let the Beat Build is 3 minutes too long. Besides part of it is taken from the “I’ma Dog Ya” freestyle [if you can call it that] on the Drought is Over 5 mixtape. Sorry for listening to other Lil’ Wayne music. After the I am legend line it should be over. But no, he needs to go Boom-bah-boom-bah-boom. WE CAN HEAR IT DUDE. I hope everyone realizes the worthlessness of the third and fourth verse. If you can call the fourth verse a “verse.”

Shoot Me Down has a good first like little preface area.. the open up your hearts people. and verse motherf*****g one. thats good. He just sorta chats the rest of the song. Weakness. PLEASE DONT SHOOT ME DOWWWWNnn. stupid moaning chorus.

Lollipop gets bunched in with A Milli and Got Money. Although the remix is one of the songs of the decade.

I can honestly say, La la is the worst song on the CD. Could you limp to the finish line alittle more?! David Banner should go back to not doing anything.

I can not believe that I have made it this far, writing a serious entry. Its only a matter of time before I stop being serious.

Playing With Fire is tight. KanYe West’s favorite song. Uh I really like all the verses. The chorus pains my ears sometimes. Mostly the “SET THIS STAGE ON FIRE” little bancheee yell. He flips out like the whole song. It sounds like he is on the verge of tears in the verses. His voice takes a whine that I love. The Beckham line he goes for Tony Montana, which MAKES NO SENSE. He is hip-hop.

You Ain’t Got Nothing benefits only from the chorus. Fabolous sucks. Juelz has been better. Like every time but this one. Fabolous Sucks. He sucks alot. I really dont like him. Except for breathe. That is one of the best songs ever. No lie. Maybe if his Brooklyn schtick didnt wear out after like 4 bars…

Don’t Get It. I FINALLY GET EVERYTHING LIL WAYNE HATES AND LIKES! Therefore I love this song. All 9:52 of it. I Hate Al Sharpton. I Think Crack Cocaine Laws Are Unfair. I Hate Al Sharpton. Meet Dwayne. My dreads swang.

Overall I give the CD a 10.99 out of 10.

So I would say buy multiple copies. L

I Hate Al Sharpton
I Hate Al Sharpton

ike one for every member of your family and every room of your house. And buy the bonus version too. I will leave you with one line.

We are not the same, I am a martian.


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