Wow i have alot to say…

WHY PEJ WILL OWN THE NBA in 5 years or less.

PEJ=Patrick Ewing Junior.

For those who are uneducated, you can leave.

The Door is right there [I’m looking at you, everyone who didnt draft him]


PEJ is possibly the greatest shot blocker of this generation.

He Is Hip-Hop.

There has been nary better a play than his goaltend against West Va to save a mediocre season.

However if he just goaltended against Stephon Curry a little more, G’Town would have won.

Although I still argue that Stephon Curry should shoot less. Another story, for another day.

For those who think that PEJ will not own the NBA, think about this:

The NBA refs are more lenient than those in the NCAA. [Especially if they have money on the game!]

Okay, ill give you a few seconds to regain consciousness after i blew your mind like that [sorry, internet]

So knowing this, he will goaltend more.

PEJ has already started practicing with his dad.

Next stop: Canton, Ohio [My fifth favorite state starting/ending with a vowel]


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