The Rawle Marshall Saga

Just look at this blurb. [A BLURB ABOUT RAWLE? Strike one “”]

07/24/06: The Indiana Pacers acquired Rawle Marshall, Josh Powell, and Darrell Armstrong in a sign and trade from the Dallas Mavericks for Anthony Johnson.

Okay now wipe the tears from your computer monitor.

Back? Good.

Now i will tell you why to write Mark Cuban a letter.

A letter about the best basketball prospect since Rod Strickland, Rawle Marshall.

The story of Rawle Marshall begins in 1982. In Guayana.

A Star was Born.

Then he grew into a supernova. [Maybe that’s why the Pacers gravitate towards his game, THINK ABOUT IT]

He attended Oakland. Wherever that is.

Then got drafted. By the Mavericks.

And he immediately owned the court. Even Avery Johnson called him “Sire.” [Once]

Impressed? Thanks.

He was then cruely and painfully traded to play in Indiana [My 3rd favorite state starting/ending with a vowel.. which is a story for another day…]

Danny Granger could hold no candle to this supernova.

He now rides the pine. Which is preposterous. but the management hates winning and fun and money.


On an unrelated note, sponsor the rawle marshall page on for 5 [!] dollars a YEAR.

(If you make it for this blog, we can go halvsies.)

Hopefully what i didnt do is illegal.


Rawle likes money.

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