Economic Recession

Appearently the “United States” is headed “for” a recession, economically.

HHere’s a hint:


wait was that a dollar sign?

answer: yes. I like money.

thats past the point; who else likes money? Avery Johnson. Guess what! He is no longer getting any from the Dallas Mavericks.

Good Riddance.

Now, I, will go over the possible replacements for the vacant job.

The Dallas Morning News reports the following canidates::

okay whatever. Van Gundy. No. D’antoni? last i checked he was coaching the SUNS?

the one pick i like is My Man. “Dude you’re gettin’ a” Del Harris. so we gonna start thurr. (Shout out to Chingy, I see you right thurr man)

Del(l) Harris

If he were ever awake.. he might know what was going on. That is key for a head coach. So I give him

99:1 odds

Good for him. Go sell computers or do something productive. Something that 70 year olds do.

Moving on; Isaiah Thomas

Way to easy a joke. Sorry it had to be done.

100:1 odds.

Edge to Del.

Jason Kidd

He wants to coach you can see it in his eyes. Besides PG is nothing like coach so he has no expirience. Give him a shot. Right?

Besides I still say he’s gonna die in two years (retroactive to his contract signing.) so he may as well get his feet wet?

7:1 odds

7=5 (his old numba) + 2 (his years of life remaining [approx])

Last but not least the favorite for the vacant coaching spot:::::::::::

Having trouble thinking of a joke… get back to me.


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