My Second Round Pics for the NHL Stan Cup Playoffs.

Ed. Note: Since the (L)eastern Conference in the NBA is worthless, it shall not be included. [Except for the Celtics aka Canadiens]

Eastern Conference

Canadiens vs. Flyers

Let us see… the Habs (fancy name for Canadiens) are beasts. They are the No. 1 Seed. Uh..
were gonna give this one to the

Habs. In 5

(although travers would not agree)

onto the main event

Western Conference

This is where it is at.

eh i dont care about hockey..

Update::::::: Habs up 1-0 on the “Flyers”


2 thoughts on “Hockey

  1. This blog sucks, it doesn’t even make sense. i was looking for some help to make my picks. If you need help you should read this blog post for your fantasy hockey playoff picks. There’s even an awesome video of a fight.

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