Gas Prices.

Did the title tempt you?

thought so.

uh im actually gonna write about things that i hate.

thats right this is the

Things That I hate (now you can eliminate them from your life too!)

blog entry.

People who hate on wiffleball

People who think theyre cool

People who make fun of bloggers.

the phrase “_____-Gate” as in “Watergate” and “spygate”

Tyler Perry.

Brad Richards (The “comedian” not the hockey player)

Ray Romano (except Ice Age)

Fair-Weather Fans. Sure the Mavs are winning (not right this second but theyre in the playoffs) now but when J-Kidd dies in two years, where will you be? (PS I stopped liking them when Rawle was traded… thats a story for a different day..)


Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Jack Cust, Geometry. What have they done for me?


People that think T-Pain isn’t “talented.” Let (s)he who is without sin cast the first stone, Hillary.

Un-Creative fantasy names. Looking at you, “Victorious” Secret.

People who think I cant win the presidency…

To PROVE you wrong, see article above.


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