My NBA Awards for This season

Does the capitalizing of This and not season intimidate you? Good. It should.

On to the point..

Coach of the Year— The obvious choice for a joke is Isaiah Thomas. Nope. Too easy.

Eddie Jordan.

Uh the other Jordan associated with the Wiz. How a team with DeShawn Stevenson (+ beard) could not have won every game is beyond me. But hey theyre in the playoffs right?

6th Man— Ignore all the talk, Manu is NOT A 6TH MAN. Whoever else is up for it has nothing on…

The Fans of the Seattle Supersonics

No one can deny. The move to OKC is a direct result of the 6th man not getting PT. Seriously, not a lame tribute, the Sonics should have held open tryouts..

Defensive Player of the Year— Bowen? not likely. Battier? cheater (but we do love the cheaters). C-Piddy or anyone else besides…? DOUBT IT.

Danny Fortson.

He has the Dreads. He cheats. End of story. ((( If Battier grew dreads, he would never lose anything )))

MIP: Most Improved Player— Hedo? More like He-WHO?

Jerry Stackhouse.

He increased his 3ptrs by 22 and also made 2 less. The award was his like 2 seasons ago!

Now onto the MAIN EVENT!

Rookie of the Year— No intro necessary.

JC Navarro.

This picture says it all…

MVP— CP3, KB24, KG5, LBJ23. No one can handle…

Jerome James.

Boy did Isaiah make a good choice going with him.. shooting 1.000 percent.. where can ANYONE go wrong?

answer: nowhere.

any questions?

PS form


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