Mock Draft

1st Pick: Warren Sapp. The NFL will bend the “No Drafting Twice” rule

2nd Pick: Felix “The Cat” Jones. Because Felix Galvez hasn’t been out of high school for three years yet… yet…

3rd Pcik: Longar Longar. He may have a broken leg but he can run a 5.6 40-yard dash.

4th Pick: The Other Manning Brother. The success of the other two makes him all the more tempting.

5th Pick: Duke Pettijohn. We think that he can make the jump from the AFL. Heat Check.

6th Pick: Aaron Afflalo. Because he gets no PT with the Pistons.

7th Pick: Sean Taylor. Although he cannot play, the memorial is a classy touch.

8th Pick: Michael Jordan. He is well-suited to play for whoever has this pick.

9th Pick: Clay Aiken. Cuz he’s not doing anything…

10th Pick: Roger Clemens. He likes steroids. So does Shawne Merriman. He would fit well with the Chargers offense and defense (he would play both ways.) Unfortunately they do not have this pick.


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