Tributes to The Greats

MLB teams wore the number 42 today to honor the great Jackie Robinson

frankly I like it. cool honor.

This brings me to the real point.

Tributes by way of uniforms.

Why, oh why, must the leagues be so strict?

If I want a picture of Lil Wayne on my shoe, why can’t I have it?

If I go out, why not have a Sean Taylor decal?

The strict rules are insane.

Examples of tributes I think are acceptable (and great):

  1. Messages to fans/other people EXXX: “Free Mike Vick” (thanks, Roddy)
  2. Pictures of people who are famous or visually pleasing EXXX: Weezy (thanks, me)
  3. Logos for charities or organizations that are sweet EXXX: NBA Cares (thanks, me)
  4. Cliche, I know, but the black bar even if you dont have a person directly near you who has died. people will think “how nice” [is that mean?] EXXX:Use electrical tape
  5. Simplistic one word messages. If you cant get your point across in one word, its not worth it. EXXX: Peace. or Hate.
  6. This is the lamest but hey! Copying decals you have seen before. EXXX: Sean Taylor Patch

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