Fantasy Sports: The Mission: Baseball

Okay, me and my buddies were just chillin and i decided we were gonna play fantasy basketball…

Naturally i was the commish. h2h league and what not

So i had a strong season was looking mad good for the first round bye, in the 2-spot.

last week of the season, i got pwnd.

so i had a first round game vs. this noob and boy howdy i lost.

i even lost the consolationi 5th place game..

i will now begin chronicling my journey, to win every fantasy sport I am in.

Mission 1: Baseball…

My team is sitting in first after weeks one and two.

lineups stacked, johan and b-webb holding it down.

losing right now to Kcuf Llabesab. yes my league is clever.

finna hit the comeback trail. check in next weekk..


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